Welcome to Covid Comedy Canada

This site was created for two reasons:

1To provide some comic relief for Canadians who are self-isolating due to the current Covid19 crisis. As self-isolation continues, more and more of us are running out of entertainment options. By now, you’ve binged our way through Tiger King, Ozark Season 3, the entire Disney catalogue, and you’re seriously considering movies with less than 42% on “Rotten Tomatoes”. Hey, the critics LOVED it! So, I wanted to provide you with a few more entertainment options and especially SOME LAUGHS! “Laughter is the best medicine they say, although in the case of Covid19 SELF-ISOLATED AND WASHING YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY is the best medicine. Still, I imagine that laughter is a close second.

2To provide some relief for comics who are among those who will be suffering the most, during and beyond this pandemic , thanks to the sudden and complete shutdown of pretty much the entire live entertainment industry. Comedians, musicians and other artists and performers will all be massively impacted, of course. However, stand up comedy will be hit the hardest. Music works pretty much anywhere, under pretty much any conditions. A musician can sit on a street corner and play to themselves if need be. (I’ve seen plenty of talented musicians in noisy bars, where no one’s really listening, do just that.) Many of them have already adapted to the new reality by streaming their shows online. And even though it doesn’t compare the experience of playing live, it does “work”. Comedy, on the other hand… If EVER there were an art form that DEMANDS a crowd, it’s stand up comedy. We need to see the crowd and more importantly HEAR THE LAUGHTER, and sometimes even the boos. Even heckling, however bad is a RESPONSE , because comedy isn’t so much a presentation as a CONVERSATION and that is nearly impossible to achieve even with the latest streaming technology. Nonetheless, there are many who are willing to give it a go.

More to come… when I have the time.

Glen Foster

Important Notes

There is no charge whatsover to any comedian who participates on this site. No fees, commissions, cuts, percentages. NADA. At some point, I will be setting up my own fundraising page for myself. Hey, I have to eat too. In fact, quite often, I eat for two – Man, I still got it!

This site is niether curated nor CENSORED. I don’t have time to review all the content., so there will be some comics who are NSFW, politically incorrect, and maybe even downright nasty. I take no responsibility for content. Use this site at your own risk and discretion. And, if you find any comedy here that you deem to be offensive…..TOUGH SH*T! Back to The Disney Channel for you.! I highly recommend “Frozen 2”. Eespecially if you are on the edge of blowing your brains out and just need that last little push.