Thank you for your interest in Submissions are open to all CANADIAN comedians, regardless of their current geographic location.

For the moment, I am only looking for material that is at least somewhat related to COVID-19, even if you didn’t do it specifically for, or during this pandemic. (For example, I have a flu related bit about washing youir hands)

If you are not Canadian, but are planning on creating a similar COVID-19 Comedy page in your country, send me a link and I would be happy to link back to you, in exchange for your link to this site.

Submission Guidelines:

There is no cost whatsoever to be added to this page.

However, by submitting, you agree that I have your (non-exclusive) permission to present your content. You also agree that you are offering your content to me free of charge.

Most importantly, you warrant that YOU are the creator(s) of said content. We’re looking for ORIGINAL CONTENT here. We don’t want endlessly recycled Covid Cat memes (unless it’s YOUR cat). You are free to remove your content / links any time by sending me an e-mail request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submissions, like toilet paper in this crisis are limited to TWO per customer. 

Thank you once again for your interest. Stay home. And stay safe.

Glen Foster

For Audio Clips and Podcasts

Also include:
ONE websized decent resolution graphic of your logo (or whatever picture you normally use to promote your show.) NO FILES OVER 5Mb please.

If your show runs on any kind of regular schedule, especially if you are doing “live” Zoom type shows from your home, please include that information as well.

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For Live Streaming Shows and Short Videos

The key word is SHORT. Nothing over 7-8 mins please (like a regular stand up set). This is not the place to showcase your homemade two hour comedy special. Do

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